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Website spam

Posted in: General

14th November 2018 21:29:05 (5 months ago)
Why is it that whenever I visit any big site these days, usually news sites, I'm
spammed with various pop ups regarding cookies, mailing lists, ads, etc. No wonder Apple
introduced their 'reading mode' feature for Safari, it makes websites somewhat
usable on mobile.

This is a symptom of the overcomplexity we currently experience in the modern-day online

Bring back HTML4.


 qnord ID: 37
14th November 2018 22:54:22 (5 months ago)
Yeah it's a bit sad isn't it? Things will hopefully adjust back to normal by

 debris ID: 39
16th November 2018 19:14:17 (5 months ago)
I don't trust you.

 SwagLordTYBG ID: 45
18th December 2018 17:19:15 (4 months ago)
What if we can make another markup language with our toots&boots? (gimmicks)
We should secure our bright future for the good functionality of the internet